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189 Safety and Effect of Continuous Intravenous Urokinase Therapy in Acute Ischemic Stroke ( Open Clinical Trial )
Hwa-Beom Doh,M.D., Byung-Chul Lee,M.D., Il-Hyung Lee,M.D, Sung-Min Kim,M.D., Ki-Han Kwon,M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):189-194.
195 Clinical Significance of T2 Sagittal Image and the Flow Void of Basilar Artery in Pontine Infarction
Hye-Seung Lee, MD, Byung-Chul Lee, MD, Sung-Hee Hwang, MD, Ki-Hun Baek, MD, Hyoung-Cheol Kim, MD Hong-Ki Song, MD
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):195-200.
201 Ischemic Stroke After Acute Myocardial Infarction
Geun-Ho Kim, M.D., Jin-Seok Kim, M.D., Hyung Lee, M.D., Jeong-Geun Lim, M.D., Sang-Doe Yi, M.D., Young-Choon Park, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):201-205.
206 Microalbuminuria in non-diabetic patients with cerebral infacrtion
Hyoung-Cheol Kim, M.D.,Woon-San Koh, M.D., Im-Suk Koh, M.D., Hong-Ki Song M.D., Byung-Chul Lee M.D
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):206-210.
211 Anticardiolipin Antibody in Elderly Ischemic Stroke*
Yong-Jae Kim, M.D., Kee-Duck Park, M.D., Kyoung-Gyu Choi, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):211-215.
216 Clinical Usefulness of Silent Period after Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Stroke Patients
Jong-Weon Park,M.D.,Tae-Hwan Park,M.D.,Dong-Hyun Kim,M.D.,Oh-Sang Kwon,M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):216-221.
222 Technical Improvement of Functional MRI for Clinical Application
Kyoung-Min Lee, M.D., Ph.D.1,3, Soo-Hwa Lee, B.A.3, Chai-Youn Kim, B.A.3, Na-Young Kim, B.A.3, Kee-Hyun Chang, M.D.2, Jae-Kyu Roh, M.D.1
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):222-227.
228 Striatal dopamine transporter changes in patients with essential tremor and idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
Yong Duk Kim, M.D.1, Joo Hyuk Im, M.D.2, Hee Joung Kim, M.D.3 Myung Sik Lee, M.D.1 1Department of Neurology, Yongdong Severance Hospital, 3Department of Radiology Yonsei University College of Medicine 2Department of Neurology, Ulsan University College
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):228-234.
235 Involuntary Movement associated with Stroke
Young-Mok Song, M.D., Jae-Kyu Roh, M.D.,
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):235-242.
243 Influencing factors on interhemispheric language ‘shift’ and memory asymmetry in temporal lobe epilepsy
Ju-Hun Lee, M.D., Joong-Koo Kang, M.D., Sang-Am Lee, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):243-252.
253 A Short form of the Samsung Dementia Questionnaire (S-SDQ): development and cross-validation
Seong Hye Choi, M.D., Duk L Na, M.D., Kyung-Mi Oh, M.D., Byung Joo Park, M.D.*
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):253-258.
259 Nerve Conduction studies of Sunacute combined Degeneration
Ki-Han Kwon, M.D., Il-Nam Sunwoo, M.D.*, Keun0Ho Jung, M.D.**
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):259-265.
266 Clinical Review of Organophosphate Poisoning & Sequelae; Organophosphate Induced Delayed Polyneuropathy
Suk-Yun Kang, M.D., Kwang-Kuk Kim, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):266-274.
275 Subclinical Ulnar Neuropathy in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Joon-Shik Moon, M.D., Sung-Soo Lee, M.D., Ji-Yong Lee, M.D., Bum-Gi Han, M.D., Joon-Bum Kwon, M.D., Hyun-Duk Yang, M.D., Sung-Ik Lee, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):275-278.
279 Effect of Steroid on the Development of Cerebral Edema in Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Byung-Kun Kim,M.D., Byung-Woo Yoon,M.D., Beom S. Jeon,M.D., Sang-Bok Lee,M.D., Jae-Kyu Roh,M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):279-284.
285 A Case of Moyamoya Disease Associated with Complete Duplication of the Basilar artery
Joon Bum Kwon, M.D., Hyun Duk Yang, M.D., Bum-Gi Han, M.D., Ji-Yong Lee, M.D., Joon-Shik Moon, M.D., Sung-Soo Lee, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):285-288.
289 A Case of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Associated with Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome
Seong-Cheol Jeon, M.D., Nack-Cheon Choi, M.D., Hae-jeong Yun, M.D., Tae-Yu Kim, M.D.,Jun-Hyeon Goak, M.D., Jun-Gi Hung, M.D., Byeong Hoon Lim, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):289-293.
294 Cerebral Infarction Associated with Marijuana
Il-Hyeong Lee, M.D., Sung-Min Kim, M.D., Jae-Chun Bae, M.D., Ki-Han Kwon, M.D., Byung-Chul Lee, M.D. Department of Neurology, Hallym University College of Medicine
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):294-297.
298 A Case of Unilateral Hippocampal Infarction with Acute Memory Loss
Hoo Won Kim, M.D., Dae Woong Chun, M.D., Sung Min Ju M.D. Byung Gi Kim, M.D., Gun Sei Oh, M.D. Byung Chul An, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):298-302.
303 Two Cases of Palilalia
Hyanghee Kim, Ph.D., Soo-Jin Cho, M.D., Won-Yong Lee, M.D., Duk L. Na, M.D., Kwang-Ho Lee, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):303-308.
309 Three Cases of Chronic Acquired Hepatocerebral Degeneration
Jae-Chol Choi, M.D., Sung-Wook Yu, M.D., Min-Kyu Park, M.D., Kun-Woo Park, M.D., Dae-Hie Lee, M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):309-314.
315 A case of chondrosarcoma presenting as Garcin syndorme.
Sung-Soo Kang, Myung-Kwon Kim, Hyeon-Mi Park, Geun-Shin Lyu*, Dong-Jin Shin
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):315-318.
319 Motor Evoked Potential Study of Mirror Movements in a Patient with Klippel-Feil Syndrome
Jong-Weon Park,M.D.,Dong-Hyun Kim,M.D.,Oh-Sang Kwon,M.D.
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):319-325.
326 A Case of Post-Carotid Endarterectomy Hyperperfusion Syndrome
Hee-Jung Song, MD; Kwang-Yeol Park, MD; Chin-Sang Chung, MD; Soo-Jin Cho, MD; Sun Joung Lee, MD*; Seung Huh, MD*; Dong Ik Kim, MD*; Kwang-Ho Lee, MD; Byung Boong Lee, MD*
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 1999;17(2):326-329.
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