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In this issue:

411 Outcome Measure and Efficacy Analysis in Stroke Clinical Trials
Keun-Sik Hong
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):411-420.
421 Dipole Source Localization of Periodic Sharp Wave Complexes in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Ki-Young Jung
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):421-427.
428 The Related Factors to Atypical Language Dominance in Patients with Epileptic Foci in the Left Hemisphere
In Jung Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):428-434.
435 Progression or Regression of Middle Cerebral Artery Stenosis: a Long-term Follow-up Study with Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography
Sung-Min Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):435-439.
440 Significance of Retinal Microvascular Changes in Patients with Ischemic Stroke
Dae-Lim Koo,
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):440-446.
447 The Usefulness of Diffusion Tensor MRI for the Prediction of Clinical Outcome in Patients with Acute Subcortical Infarction
Seong-Min Choi
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):447-451.
452 The clinical characteristics of lower back pain in Parkinson’s Disease
Sung Reul Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):452-457.
458 The Differences of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in the Patients of Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia
Tae-You Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):458-464.
465 A Case of Ischemic Stroke Associated with Phendimetrazine as an Appetite Suppressant
Jong-Kwan Park
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):465-467.
468 Ipsilateral Hemiparesis Caused by a Internal Capsule Infarct after a Previous Stroke on the Opposite Side
Tae-Hak Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):468-471.
472 A Case of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Associated with Increased Factor VIII in Hyperthyroidism
Dong-In Sinn,
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):472-474.
475 A case of Acute Pure Anomia after Left Temporal Lobe Infarction
Jung Eun Kim,
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):475-478.
479 Pure Apraxia of Speech after the Left Insular Infarction
Kyung-Hee Cho
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):479-482.
483 A Case of Leptomeningeal Metastasis Associated with Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
Jung-Hyun Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):483-485.
486 Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy Developed during Interferon-β Therapy in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis
Chan-Nyoung Lee
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):486-490.
491 A Case of Centronuclear Myopathy
Hyun Kyung Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):491-494.
495 Gabapentin-induced Myoclonus in a Patient with End-stage Renal Disease
Seok-Won Han
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):495-497.
498 Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy with Mitochondrial DNA 11778 Mutation Presenting with Various Types of Seizures
Kwang Soo Kim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):498-502.
503 A Case of Idiopathic Medulla Oblongata and Upper Cervical Cord Atrophy
Jung-Hyun Park
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):503-506.
507 A Case of Encephalitis with a Reversible Splenial Lesion on a Diffusion Weighted MRI Image
Hee-Jeong Seo
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):507-510.
511 A Case of Diabetic Uremic Encephalopathy with Symmetric MR signal Changes in the Basal Ganglia
Eun-Jeong Shim
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):511-513.
514 Ictal Spitting in a Patient with Dominant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Discrepancy between Epileptogenic and Symptomatogenic Areas for Spitting Automatism
Sea-Mi Park
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):514-518.
519 A Case of Blue Digit Syndrome after Intraarterial Cerebral Angiography
Jae Min Lee
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):519-520.
521 A Case of Wernicke’s Encephalopathy in Hyperemesis Gravidarum Associated with Hyperthyroidism
Tae Jin Song
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):521-523.
524 Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance Presented as a Vasculitic Neuropathy
Sang-Soo Lee
J Korean Neurol Assoc. 2006;24(5):524-526.
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