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Journal of the Korean Neurological Association 1995;13(2): 383-386.
자발성 경수내 출혈 1례
이동조, 윤영진, 문덕홍, 사은희, 황선출, 홍성욱
부산 춘해병원 신경과
A case Report of a Spontaneous cervical Hematomyelia
Dong Jo Lee, M.D., Young Jin Yun, M.D., Duk Hong Moon, M.D., Eun Hi Sa, M.D., Seon Chool Hwang, M.D., Seong Uk Hong, M.D.
Department of Neurology, Pusan Choon Hae Hospitqalo
The spontaneous hematomyelia is an uncommon event and its predisposing conditions are vascular malformation, syringomyelia, pregnancy and delivery, angioma, hemophilia, anticoagulant therapy, etc. We have recently experienced the patient with spontaneous onset and resolving hematomyelia in the cervical spinal cord. A 30-year-old male patient with non-traumatic spinal shock was evaluated. On MRI, a hematomyelia along cervical spi-nal cord was revealed. A suspicious AV malformation was noticed at C3-4 level. Fol-low-up MRIs showed spontaneous resolution of the hematoma. Key Words: Spontaneous hematomyelia, MRI, AVM