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Journal of the Korean Neurological Association 2005;23(5): 674-677.
급격히 진행하는 치매로 발현된 특발성 호산구증가증후군 1예
곽용태, 한일우 서민정a 노숙영a
용인효자병원 신경과, 분당재생병원 신경과a
A Case of Rapidly Progressive Dementia caused by Idiopathic Hypereosinophilic Syndrome
Yong Tae Kwak
Department of Neurology, Yong-in Hyoja Geriatric Hospital, Yongin; Department of Neurology, Pundang Jesaeng General Hospitala, Seongnam, Korea
Hypereosinophilic syndrome is a rare disease, characterized by hypereosinophilia of the blood and by the presence of varying internal symptoms and neurological signs. We report a 70-year-old woman who was admitted with rapidly progressive cognitive dysfunction, which had begun 10 months earlier. On admission, she had hypereosinophilia with elevated IgE. Following steroid therapy, there was rapid improvement of dementia. Considering the possibility of irreversibility at delayed intervention, the early diagnosis and treatment of dementia due to hypereosinophilic syndrome cannot be overemphasized.KeyWords:Hypereosinophilic syndrome, Dementia