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Journal of the Korean Neurological Association 2003;21(3): 283-288.
"신경병성 통증의 흰쥐 모델에서 기계적 및 열적 이질통에 대한 Nitric Oxide의 효과"
김성훈 , 정승준
강원대학교 의과대학 신경과학교실,생리학교실
"The Effect of Nitric Oxide on Mechanical and Theraml Allodynia in Neuropathic Pain Model of Rat"
Sung Hun Kim
Department of Neurology and Physiology*, College of Medicine, Kangwon National University
"Background: Nitric oxide (NO) is known to play causative role in the development of neuropathic pain following peripheral nerve injury. However, it is yet to be investigated whether the role of NO differs in pain modalities, such as mechanical and thermal stimuli. Also, it has not been investigated whether NO has different roles in the stages of neuro-pathic pain - its development and maintenance.
Methods: Neuropathic pain was induced by a resection of the lumbar dorsal root 5, 6 (L 5, 6). After N-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), an NO synthase inhibitor was injected intrathecally or locally around the dorsal root, we observed the behavioral response to the mechanical and thermal stim-uli. R e s u l t s: Mechanical and thermal allodynia was inhibited by the application of L-NAME before the dorsal root injury. However, L-NAME did not affect the mechanical and thermal allodynia during the maintenance of neuropathic pain.
Conclusions: We suggest that NO in the spinal cord or injured perineural site may play an important role in the induction of neuropathic pain, and may be associated with mechanical and thermal allodynia.Key Words: Nitric oxide, Neuropathic pain, Nitric oxide synthase, Mechanical stimuli, Thermal stimuli"