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Journal of the Korean Neurological Association 1998;16(5): 743-746.
척수 경막외 혈관 기형에 의한 재발성 척수병증 1 례
오동호, 박운규·김희태·이영주·김승현·김주한·김명호, 박문향
한양대학교 의과대학 신경과학교실, 한양대학교 의과대학 조직병리학교실
A Case of Relapsing Myelopathy Caused by Spinal Epidural AV Malformation
Dong-Ho Oh. M.D., Woon-Gyu Park. MD., Hee-Tae Kim. M.D., Young-Ju Lee. MD., Seung-Hyun Kim. M.D., Ju-Han Kim.M.D., Myung-Ho Kim.M.D
Department of Neurology College of Medicine Hanyang University. Department of pathology College of Medicine Hanyang University.*
Spinal arteriovenous malformation ( AVM ) can be a rare cause of relapsing myelopathy. We recently have the opportunity to study a 20-year-old male patient having spinal epidural AVM confirmed by surgical biopsy. To our knowledge, a case of relapsing and remitting course of spinal epidural AVM has not been reported in Korea. A 20-year-old male was admitted because of sudden paraparesis and disturbance of all sensory modalities below the T5 dermatome, 5 times during 2 years. Cerebrospinal fluid profiles did not reveal any pathologic findings. Until the 4th attack, MR findings were non diagnostic. At the 5th attack, thoracic spine MR revealed epidural hematoma compressing the spinal cord. Diagnostic and therapeutic decompressive surgical procedure was done. On surgical field, solitary and tortuous feeding vessels with hematoma were seen in epidural space. Microscopically, the tissue was compatible with arteriovenous malformation. Key words : Relapsing myelopathy - Spinal epidural AV malformation - Spinal epidural hematoma