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Journal of the Korean Neurological Association 1997;15(5): 1097-1101.
IgG GM1 항체와 Campylobacter Jejuni 항체와 곤련된 급성 운동 축삭형 신경병증
홍경훈, 김승현, 이영배, 이영주, 김희태, 김주한, 김명호
한양대학교 의대 신경과
A case of acute motor axonal neuropathy associated with IgG GM1 antibody and Campylobacter Jejuni
Kyung-Hoon Hong, M.D. , Seung Hyun Kim, M.D. , Young Bae Lee, M.D. , Young Ju Kee, M.D. , Hee-Tea Kim, M.D. , Ju Han Kim, M.D. , Myung Ho Kim, M.D.
Dept of Neurology, College of Medicine, Hanyang University
Guillain-Barre syndrom(GBS) is not a single entity, but may arise from a variety of pathogenic mechanisms. In GBS, abnormally increased autoantibody levels to GM, constitute a group with motor neuropathy predominantly and substantial axonal damage, particularly those following Campylobacter enteritis. We report a patient, 43 years old male, who presented with 3 days history of rapidly progressive weakness of all extremities. Electreophysiologic studies were suggestive of axonal form of motor dominant polyneuropathy, Using ELISA, autoantibody of MAG(myelin associated glycoprtein) and SGPG(sulfoglucuronyl paraglobiside) showed normal ranges, but IgG GM. Autoantibodies abnormally elevated. Additionally antibody titer of Campylobacter jejuni increased. We reported the axonal form of Guillain, Barr syndrome associated with IgG GM,, Ab and antiCampylobacter jejuni antibody.